Flexapp Layering – Where do I Start

Read about Liquidware labs – Flexapp Layering Technology from their Blog… see the extract below from David Biernan’s post as he provides some handy tips on how to get started.


Application Layering has finally come of age. We recently delivered our second generation of FlexApp technology in ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.5.

The new filter driver based approach makes FlexApp more compatible with more desktops than ever before including persistent virtual and physical desktops.

If you are a first-time user of Application Layering technology you may be overwhelmed by the choices, you may also be wondering, “which applications should I start with?” In short, just about any application that does not require full application isolation is as GOOD candidate for FlexApp Layering so your options are nearly limitless. However, there are applications that may be more of a pain to manage and maintain than others. These are GREAT candidates for FlexApp.

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