Managed Business Networks

Keep your information flowing

Take the stress out of running your business’ network by letting the professionals handle it. If you’re looking to expand, consolidate offices, or just starting out, then now is the time to discuss your options. Our experienced staff can provide you with the information you need to make the right decision upfront, saving you time and money down the line.

A managed business network comes with a range of advantages including:

Online monitoring to eliminate faults before they become an issue Increased flexibility for scaling businesses Improved performance



VOIP Telephony

Take the next step in telephony

Moving away from hard-wired telephony is a simple yet effective tool
to reduce business overheads. Not only can you utilise your existing business network to make intra-office collaboration free, you can also receive reduced costs for outside calls. The flexibility of VOIP telephony allows a growing business to scale with minimal fuss, whilst still maintaining security and service quality.



Unified Communications

Make collaboration simpler

Unified communication is about bringing your business together, no matter their location. Providing clear video conferencing, screen sharing, incorporating mobile devices into your network, these are just a few of the things you can accomplish. A higher level of service than VOIP, unified communications provides larger companies with the communications efficiency of a smaller business.

Naevette is experienced at implementing the “big two” of unified communication: Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Skype for Business. By analysing your business requirements now and into the future we will provide you with the best solution.



Business Internet

Get online, and stay there

Does your business rely on a strong online presence? Do you have critical online services that require a constant internet connection? Maybe you simply need internet access for online mail? Whatever your requirements, we can arrange for a service that suits you.

But why go through us? We’ll not only arrange for your service, but we’ll manage it as well. You’ll deal with us, avoiding the time consuming process of working through various call-centres until you find the right person to talk to. With one point of call, we can expedite your troubles to the right spot, saving you time and getting your issues resolved as quickly as possible.

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